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As a true end-to-end IT infrastructure solution provider,FastTech It Solutions has been able to serve clients not only across the spectrum of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) related products and solutions but also across the length and breadth of India.
Our primary activity verticals are;

1.Server, Storage & On-desk solution
2.Power backup and integrated IT power solution
3.Networking and IP based communication solution
4.Datacenter Solution
5.Information Security Solution
Cloud Computing Solution
We are a cohesive team of technically qualified professionals, which does not limit itself to mere supply and implementation, but facilitates need based solutions across the ICT spectrum. This ability to deliver across the entire spectrum of ICT requirements is the outcome of strong technical skill-sets, alliances with the best OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the industry, years of experience in the implementation of numerous mission critical projects and a multidimensional organizational structure.

Company Background
FastTech It Solutions is a team of young and vibrant professionals, with impeccable credentials and enriching experience. Strong technology domain knowledge with implementation and project management skills, and the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction are the pillars that define TeamFastTech It Solutions.
The company was floated in the year 2000-2001 by a team of engineers and management graduates. From a humble beginning in Kolkata, the company through sheer dint of hard work and client commitment has not only made its presence felt in Eastern India, but also spread its wings to more than a dozen locations across India and in Bhutan. What had begun as a modest startup to bridge the inconvenient gap between business and IT alignment, has now multiplied by leaps to present its services across geo-spread and domains.


<b>Consultancy Services</b>

Consultancy Services

System Study, Optimization, Planning & Designing based on Customized business need.
Hardware Deployment & Application Installation with migration planning.
Hardware, Storage & Software sizing & solution designing.

<b>WAN Bandwidth Solution</b>

WAN Bandwidth Solution

With periodic investment in our technical wing and R&D Lab, we have strengthened our domain knowledge in every vertical for server based architecture. A large number of successful installations has helped us carve out a niche for any kind of Mission-Critical Project implementation.

<b>IP Infrastructure Solutions</b>

IP Infrastructure Solutions

Rather than purchasing separate products for individual functions.
Routing & Switching.
Ip voice.
Video Coferencing.
Data Security.
Load Balancing.
Digital Media.

<b>Security Surveillance & Fire Safety</b>

Security Surveillance & Fire Safety

An in-house Design & Engineering department, adequately staffed with competent and qualified engineers and equipped with the latest Design and Engineering aids such as CAD systems and latest design software, enables us to carry out a techno-economical detailed engineering of Fire detection, Alarm and Protection Systems and Electronic Security Systems for any type of industry and premises.

<b>Data Center Infrastructure Solutions</b>

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is one of the critical energy System, providing battery backup and power conditioning that increase availability and system performance. Data Center Resources provides a full spectrum of solutions for providing quality,

<b>Server & Storage Management</b>

Server & Storage Management

Server Virtualization
Server Clustering
Server Consolidation
Web Server Solution
Database Solution
Integrated Corporate Mailing Solution


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Yanetxys Torreblanca

Yanetxys Torreblanca

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David Soriano

David Soriano


Jobs are something one works at to simply earn a living. A career is what one builds in an organization based on what one enjoys to work at as well as is trained adequately to pursue passionately.
At Fast Tech It Solutions, we believe in retaining our core strength our employees by providing need-based and industry relevant training opportunities. Also the ambience builds for a long career based outlook, which is beneficial both for the employee as well as the organization.
Find detailed information about the vacancies within the organization through this site.

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